Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Style It 3 Ways - The Simple Vintage Blouse

This will sound very unimaginative but with blouses I never think of alternative ways I can wear them. I usually wear them the same way each time - tucked into a pencil skirt! There are so many different ways to wear a simple blouse, it really just takes a little playing around with what you have in your wardrobe!

One look that is great for summer is knotting the bottom of a long blouse to shorten the length - this looks really cute with denim shorts! You need a slightly oversize shirt for this.

Secondly, a long shirt/blouse can look great with skinny jeans. If it billows out too much unflatteringly, add a belt! I love a beaten up leather tan belt to add more vintage charm to my look.

The third option I've thrown together here was simply to just tuck in the shirt/blouse to a skirt (but add some long necklaces so it doesn't look too dull!)

Out of the three I'm loving the knotted version at the moment... but don't forget to play with layers too. A dotty blouse like this one looks really cute under a pinafore dress or dungarees! The collar would also look really nice peeping out from under a colour block jumper.

Have fun playing around in your wardrobe creating new looks!

Katy xoxo

P.S. The vintage skirt & blouse are both currently available in our eBay store. :o)

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