Friday, 23 October 2015

Understanding Vintage Sizing & Fit

As a woman it's all too often that you find that you are one size in one clothing brand, and two sizes bigger in another shop. Add the stress of trying to figure out vintage sizing from all different eras and it's enough to make your head spin!

At Retro Room, we try to size the clothing as closely as we can to modern sizing, so if a vintage item is labelled as a UK 14 but fits more like a 12, we will be honest in our listings. However.. the best thing you can do is to find out your own measurements, and use this info as a helpful tool for buying online.

Below we've outlined the 3 main measurements you'll need...

  • Use a sewing measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust (over your bra.)
  • Measure the smallest part of your natural waist line (around an inch above your belly button.)
  • Stand with your feet together and measure the fullest part of your hips.
Once you have your measurements, you may want to add an extra inch if you want your clothes to be comfortable or loose fitting but that's your decision! We'll always say in our listings if it is a loose fitting garment. We lay out the garments flat and fastened to measure the bust/waist/hips, and then double the measurement. We measure in inches but you could always use a conversion calculator like this one if you prefer them in cm. Sometimes we list clothing from other countries which do not have a size. In this case we may label the garment as Small/Medium/Large etc and then provide the measurements and an estimated size where possible.

We've also included arrows on the picture to show how we measure the length of a garment and the length of sleeves (usually from the shoulder seam.) You could measure the length of your favourite dresses/blouses to compare how an item we've measured may fit you! 

Personally I find that the clothing in my wardrobe ends up being any size from 8 to 18. Does it really matter? As long as a piece of clothing fits and looks good, that's all that should count. Don't get hung up on sizes, just know your measurements, find styles that you know flatter your shape, and enjoy shopping!

- Katy xoxo