Friday, 16 January 2015

Retro Room Wholesale on eBay!

We're now selling small wholesale job lots on eBay of Retro Room and 2good2Btrue clothing and jewellery!

See what bargains we have on offer and keep a look out over the next few months as we add more vintage gems..


Retro Room & 2good2Btrue @ the Vintage Bizarre (Part 2)

2good2Btrue had it's own stall, and the second fashion show at the Vintage Bizarre, with all jewellery, accessories and pre-loved clothing for just £1!

Three of our models became human 2good2Btrue jewellery mannequins, much to the amusement of the crowd! 


Hannah modeled a blouse and skirt from the £1 pre-loved clothing range..

and we had a few more outfits modeled too, love these prints.

We can't believe it was a month ago already, time flies!